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Jim and Ruby Jung

Jim died on the Ides of March, 2007, of lung cancer.

Click on Farewell to Jim for details.

This is the last Gardening page that I posted in the year that he died. I intend to remove links to thispage from the site until such time as I or an agent can resume work on this page.

Lawn Care

Other than regular mowing about the only thing you can do for your lawn at this juncture is to add Crabgrass preventer - a pre-emergent herbicide - to keep those rascally little crabgrass seeds from sprouting. Of course if you'd overseeded your lawn last fall you wouldn't have to worry about crabgrass now. So remember that in September when it's time to overseed again!


Keep trimming those mums until the Fourth of July!

Insect Control

June is when insects come into their own in our area. Trillions of hungry little mouths are going to be munching their way across the landscape. Of course bugs have to eat, too, but if this causes mental anguish you can always go on the offensive. See your local garden center for information about natural pesticides and other controls - for instance, try using Bt spray this year for bagworms and other lepidoptera larvae. It's non-toxic (actually it's a biological agent) to humans, frogs, birds and earthworms. It's extremely effective and costs about the same as those truly nasty, carcinogenic, evil, broad-spectrum chemical concoctions brewed up by Dow and Monsanto. I'll sleep better (even if you don't) knowing you used Bt instead.

The information on this page is tailored to Southern Illinois, Southwest Indiana, Western Kentucky, and Southeast Missouri

Copyright © 2007 Ruby Jung