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Jim died on the Ides of March, 2007, of lung cancer.

Click on Farewell to Jim for details or if moved make a contribution.

The Almanac was the love of his life (after myself!) and I will do my best to update the site regularly again beginning in April

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Sunset at Fountain Bluff, Southern Illinois

Ancient Astronomy

January 2003 Evidence that a site on Fountain Bluff was used by the Mississippians as an observatory for the winter solstice.
Petroglypsh at the second site on Fountain Bluff, Southern Illinois

A Second Solstice Site

Jan 2004.
Wild Turkey head

A Social History of the Wild Turkey

November 2003. How mankind views the turkey has influenced how the turkey views mankind.

Working Turtles

November 2004. A deliciously ghoulish tale recollected from Jim's childhood.
Hand Petroglyph
Jan 2005. Photos of the Petroglyphs at Fountain Bluff Station
 Cahokia, Spring Equinox sunrise
March 2005
Cahokia - City of the Sun & Through Other Eyes by Elizabeth A. Kassley
3 Views of Monk's Mound
Close up of Kirkpatrick Snake Jug
May, 2005. The Kirkpatrick Pottery, Anna, IL
Bad Timing - from the 2006 Waterman & Hill-Traveller's Companion Nature Almanac.
An idea whose time had not yet come.


Missouri three toed box turtle

Missouri Three-Toed Box Turtle

December 2002. January 2003 was our first full month on the Web, but this feature was up briefly the previous month, and is our first entry in the archive.

mountain lion, Felis concolor

Big Cat Comeback?

Febuary 2003 Evidence that the cougar is returning to our area. Related Story,

The Blynx

Information on Bobcat Lynx hybrid up North, posted March 2004
Purple Martin

In Their Gourds

March 2003 A brief history of martin and human interaction.
Snapping Turtle

Snapping Turtles

April 2003 A life history of a pugnacious reptile.
Black Rat Snake twins in egg

Hatching Reptile Eggs

July 2003 The title says it all.
Related feature: Reader's Photos
allligator lizards)

What to do After They Hatch

Sept. 2004
A beaver

Why Beavers Build Dams

Sept 2003 Brief bio 'bout beaver barrier building behavior
Animals and the Moon

Animals and the Moon

Posted January 2004, a consideration of how the moon influences animal behavior.
Deer Mice

When Biology Pays Off

Feb 2004 Old research applied to a new disease (Lyme Disease)


Tick Tips


Sirens, the Amphibian

March 2004 Jim's favorite amphibian.

A Natural History of the
Timber Rattler

June 2004
Kildeer eggs

Living with Killdeer

Aug 2003 Anecdotes by Ruby Jung

Mole Control

February 2005 Feature
Cat investigating bird feeder

A Cat Tale

Jan 2006 feature about cats and wildlife.


Gourds and martins


May 2003.
Some history, some lore,
some uses for them, and how to grow them.
Silvery Blue butterfly

Gardening for Butterflies and Moths

June 2003. Lepidoptera life history, and the plants they depend upon.
Frost Flowers on Wild Oregano

Gallery of Frost Flowers

Updated with new pictures visitors submitted in January 2005.


Hunting them, cooking them, and trying to grow them. April 2004

Ghost Flowers

They looks like parasites, but they're really obligate myco-heterotrophs. July 2004.

Carolilna Silverbells

A rare native tree, introduced to us by our reader Bob Dunlap. April 2005


How a parisitic plant finds its prey. Oct. 2006


Snowy Trees

Predicting Winter Weather

Oct 2003.
Tried and True Weather Lore.

Moon Gardening

Posted April 2004, a consideration of how the moon and the signs of the Zodiac influence plants
Skep bee hive

Animals Speak on Christmas Eve

a December 2004 entry
Max Creek Vortex, artist's conception

The Max Creek Vortex

March 2006.
A pulled tooth

Like Pulling Teeth

madstone_tn (17K)


Feb 2007.

Food & Recipes

Sourdough starter at work

Sourdough – Manna from Heaven

August 2004

Ruby's Hot and Sour Oyster Mushroom Soup

October 2004

Persimmon Pudding

September 2006


compost pile


Sept. 2006, the lazy man's compost pile.


Website Nostalgia

Missouri three toed box turtle

Our First Look

December 2002. Our first feature on our first page layout, for as long as your browser will read HTML from 2002. We didn't have a feature archive yet, so "Home" took you to the homepage, but now it will bring you back to this page.

hill_tn (14K)

Our Name

April 2006, 2007. Jim's answer to that burning question, "Who were Waterman and Hill?"

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